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WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. Ontario Ministry of Labour requires that all employers have their employees trained on the GHS WHMIS system. This is the global system that was created to make it universally available. Employers must train their workers when they are exposed to chemicals or substances that could be hazardous. This system is designed to protect employees from hazardous chemicals.

The WHMIS courses will help employees understand the meanings of symbols from both the old (1988) and the new (2015) systems. They will be able to safely use, transport, and dispose of substances.

They will be able to comprehend and read the MSDS Material Safety Data sheets in an emergency. Training and certification in WHMIS are crucial to ensure that employees are safe and look out for others. Proper WHMIS training can not only be important, but it can also help to create a safe workplace environment.
Workplace injuries can be avoided and prevented with proper WHMIS training. We offer the best formal and in-class training which is most widely recognized.
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What will be covered in WHMIS Training Course?

How can updating WHMIS through adoption of GHS standards improve workplace safety and health?

Pictograms with new symbols are easier to understand than older symbols. This will make it easier for workers with difficulty reading to communicate hazards.

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Up to 4 hours depending on participants’ experience levels.


A passing grade of 75% is required in order to receive a certificate.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive a PDF wall certificate and PDF wallet card for their records.

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