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TDG – Transportation Dangerous Goods Training Course

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act (TDG) sets important standards for the movement of hazardous materials and chemicals within Canada. These regulations protect both the public as well as all those involved in the transportation of dangerous goods. They define dangerous goods and set specific rules for their transportation.
The online Transportation of Dangerous Goods course (TDG), covers important information regarding the legal transportation of dangerous goods in Canada. Participants will be able to understand the regulations that govern the transportation of dangerous cargo in Canada, the 9 types of dangerous goods, the placards, labels and TDG symbols required for containers and vehicles, as well as the requirements regarding emergency response in case of accidental product spillage or release.
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These topics will be covered in this online course on Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

CERTIFICATE of Completion

A certificate of completion will be made available for downloading and printing upon successful completion of the online course. The certificate will be valid for three years starting from the date printed on it.

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Up to 5 hours, depending on participants’ experience levels.


A passing grade of 75% is required in order to receive a certificate.


Upon successful completion of this course, wallet cards will be issued to the employer for additional signatures.

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